Dark and Lovely Truths

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style "
~ Maya Angelou

Day 58: @sojiki bought me lunch today. The sweetest thing ever. Totally made my day 😊 it was delicious and healthy lol 😍 #100happydays
Day 57: Had lunch outside today it was so nice and relaxing #100happydays
Day 56: Can’t wait to try this new tea. Tea is the only drink that I love more than wine 😜 lol #100happydays
Day 55: So Mariah Carey makes water now and it is delicious 😍 #100happydays #butterfly #mariahcareywater #yummy
Even though I’m not really a martini drinker, this one perfect ❀️
Day 54: I had the whole Starbucks shop to myself for 30 minutes 😊 that never happens #100happydays #starbucks #oprahchaitealatte #hw #sundayevenings #daysoff #metime
Day 53: Finally got the chance to try Oprah’s chai latte from Starbucks! It was so good but next time I’ll probably get a small 😊 #100happydays
Day 52: Thanks @sojiki for motivating me in this diet as much as I love sweets, I am ready 😊 #100happydays
Day 51: Finally found a good summer read 😊 #100happydays
Day 50: Today everyone was freaking out trying to get home because of this “storm,” but I looked at the sky and beneath the scary dark clouds, I could see that the sun was still peeking through. This made me smile because I have been through so much these past five years, but all bad things come to an end. Whatever you are going through, whatever you think you will not get over will pass. Everything happens for a reason and God is always there. Today also marks the halfway point of my happy days journey 😊 #100happydays #blessed #findingmyself #keepinghappy
Day 49: Chilling to the max! No homework tonight, just a cold drink, Miku, and a good show. Too  bad Miku won’t move so I can see the screen -_- lol #100happydays  #catlady
Yes I really am 😌
Lmao how I feel whenever I have to share food #rp #ilovepatrick #ilovefood

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Le sigh lmao

Le sigh lmao

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